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Present a more accurate version of your professional self with an Abe-verified profile based on your actual skills and leadership experience.


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Track your professional accomplishments as you achieve them and better understand your must-haves with our JobFit IQ survey.


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Let Abe translate your military achievements and skills to provide guidance or surface only the best opportunities at “best fit” companies.

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Store important work-related documents like promotions, reviews, and more in our secure CareerVault – and let Abe build the most accurate and trusted professional profile to show companies who you are and what you’ll bring.

Your data-driven career copilot

Receive an honest assessment of what matters most to you in your career and Abe will take a data-driven approach to provide a game plan and guidance on how to best navigate the unexpected turns in your career journey.
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Abe leverages your professional data, accomplishments, and values to match and surface only the best job opportunities for you. No more wasted time interviewing for roles at companies that aren’t a good fit. At Abe we pride ourselves on quality over quantity.

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Abe helps professionals take greater control of their careers by providing AI-driven guidance and job-matching.

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